What is a uZAPPit!® Smart Tag?

A uZAPPit!® smart tag uses the “Quick Response” or QR code, a distinctive image similar to a barcode and when scanned by a smartphone application, it quickly links a user to specific content. uZAPPit!® codes can contain anything from a coupon for your favorite coffee shop to activating phone functions and linking to email or a specific website.

Why use uZAPPit!® Smart Tags?

Creating an instant, direct link to content, companies can use them to connect with consumers and open the horizon to successfully tracking usage and exposure while optimizing search engine and digital visibility. Instead of providing a website URL which requires a viewer to write down or remember the information to then type into their web browser, QR codes eliminate the extra step and open the browser to specific content. They also create a community as users have access to materials only available through the code.. Minimums of 500 Smart Tags, low cost, full color graphics available and come as a Dog Tag and/or Keychain. Excellent for Fast Food, Apparel, Beverages, Restaurants, Radio Station prizes, Automotive and more!

Some uZAPPit!® Smart Tag Ideas

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uZAPPit!® Video

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